HD Brows

Experience your treatment with James Willis Faces

HD Brows have revolutionised eyebrow care. Eyebrows are as individual as fingerprints, and our tailored procedure near Exeter and Plymouth transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into perfect arches to suit the wearers face. Our HD Brows experience features tinting, waxing and threading, using a specially designed formula to give you perfectly defined brows.

HD BrowsLogos

  • Enhance and frame your face with the award winning HD Brows
  • We will assess the shape of your face and colouring before creating a bespoke brow
  • Every HD Brows treatment is absolutely exclusive
  • Our Youngblood Mineral Make Up products such as pencils, powders, brushes help cover and shape sparse areas
  • At James Willis Faces we like to offer the latest and best beauty care
  • HD Brows enhances and frames your face and is complimentary to our other treatments
  • Keep your secret safe – leave with a flawless finish with a Youngblood mineral make-up makeover
  • Early and late appointments near Exeter and Plymouth to suit you
  • Receive advice on ways to maintain your skin in the best possible way