Make Up Lessons

Learn how to apply make-up with James Willis Faces

Make-up is fun and fascinating and it can bring us girls together like nothing else (except perhaps shoes and champagne). Applying our make-up alongside friends, sisters, mums and daughters is a sign of our special trust in each other.

You and your friends can learn how to apply make-up like a professional artist in a step-by-step, easy to follow and fun lesson! I can teach you how to master techniques and enhancing tricks, as well as the dynamics of skin, colour correction, sculpting, highlighting and how to create stunning new looks.

Whether you want to perfect a glamorous sultry evening look, make a fresh start with new products or simply learn some new trick and tips, we can provide a make - up package just for you.

Our Lessons


  • Complexion Perfection 15 minutes Step-by-step to achieve a flawless complexion.
    Complexion Perfection

    Finely milled minerals allow the skin to breathe and promotes the healing of the skin when used post – procedure.

    You know you have a flawless and natural look if people comment on your beautiful skin, rather than your make-up. Youngblood was originally used for natural-looking makeup that would help conceal and soothe post-operative bruising and irritation.

    It not only offers this valuable flawless coverage but it also gives the skin an airbrushed ‘celebrity’ look. Youngblood’s wide range of award winning foundations in creams, powders and tinted moisturisers mixed with our magic primer leaves you feeling fabulous and confident in your appearance.

    Alison can expertly and quickly show you how to find the right foundation for you based on your skin type and personal preferences.

  • Eyes Made Easy 5 minutes Go natural, chic or intense, or come with your own ideas.
    Eyes Made Easy

    Eyes are the windows to the soul and with the wide range of YoungBlood eye compacts you’ll be fluttering your lids all the way home.

    Alison can show you the latest eye catching looks using the nourishing range of make-up that Youngblood have on offer. Smokey eyes to flirtatious flicks, all easily achieved when shown how!

    Be the belle of the ball and bring along your party outfit, we can match the make up to suit your style for the evening!