Treatments By Age

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Our Skin is constantly exposed to the effects of sun damage, diet, lifestyle and environmental pollution. An effective skin care programme is essential and the earlier the better. It is no surprise that older skin shows more of the effect of these factors than young skin.

Signs of Ageing and Age Changes

With the passage of time the shape of the face changes from a triangle broadest at the top to a triangle narrow at the top and broader at the base. We lose volume; so that the youthful smooth convex contours are replaced by concave ones. The elevator muscles that hold the tissues up become weaker and the depressor muscles become stronger. So that together with the effect of gravity, facial features sag and move ‘South’. The jaw line weakens and the corners of the mouth droop.

From the age of thirty we lose one per cent of facial collagen every year. Together with loss of elastin and fat the ‘upholstery’ of the face becomes thinner.The time for cell renewal increases with age. As teenagers the surface layer of cells is replaced almost weekly whilst in our sixties this process can take up to six weeks. So the surface is made up of older cells with an accumulation of dead skin.

The facial skeleton shrinks with age. Eye and nose sockets enlarge so that eyes appear more deeply set and the tip of the nose droops. The integrity of the lower jaw line diminishes, as bone is lost.Older skin shows the accumulative effects of sun damage and life style factors such as smoking, dehydration, poor diet and stress.

At James Willis Faces we can help address these changes. We enjoy discussing your options at a relaxed in depth consultation.

When you come to James Willis Faces for Botox® and Dermal filler treatment, you have the reassurance of knowing that Dr. James Willis has over 20 years’ experience in facial aesthetics. He is a member of the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine who has published numerous scientific papers, trains other medics on the use of Botox®, and runs one of the very few clinics to be registered with the Government-approved IHAS.

James Willis Faces was recently voted the number one clinic in the UK and Europe for customer service and product knowledge. Our clients often comment that Dr. Willis’s light touch minimises post-treatment bruising.

Our wider team shares Dr. Willis’s comprehensive knowledge of head and neck anatomy and physiology, together with extensive training in the use of cosmetic treatments.