About Dr Oskar Nawoj

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Dr Oskar Nawoj BDS Hons qualified as a Dentist in 2002 and has 15 years’ experience in facial aesthetics.

Dr Nawoj developed his passion for facial aesthetics during his career as a cosmetic dentist. He found that providing his patients with a new smile was only part of the picture. Framing the smile with injectable aesthetic treatments took the facial enhancement to a new level. Oskar continues to use his artistic flair to further enhance and sculpt the face of his clients.

Oskar completed his advanced training in non – surgical procedures with an internationally renowned and leading professor in the UK

Oskar is always looking at new procedures, techniques and the latest equipment, he attends ongoing workshops and courses held by Allergan – the world’s leading producers of Botox™ and Dermal Fillers : the Juvederm and Vycross range.

Oskar’s’ unique ability to combine a relaxed, friendly and professional chairside manner allows the client to relax and feel safe in his hands. His confidence and sensitivity to the client is reassuring and a broad range of treatments provides the client with a tailor made treatment plan. He is renowned for his pain free techniques and creativity. We can guarantee that you will feel at ease the moment you step into our clinic.

James Willis Faces offer free consultations so that you can relax and feel well informed about all that is on offer to you. Oskar likes to get to know his clients and so can create a holistic treatment plan. Clients really get the most from their treatment sessions by an in depth assessment of their diet, habits and lifestyle. We provide flexible hours so that we can fit appointments around your busy lifestyle.

Oskar understands how important it is to feel and look ones very best, he believes that this can be achieved in a natural way. Oskar is proficiently trained in wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, mesotherapy for both skin and hair rejuvenation, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, diathermy, the 8 – Point Lift, skin peels and the vast medical uses of botox ™.

James Willis Faces is one of the very few clinics to be registered with the Government approved IHAS.